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Common Bets:
Sports, News, Horse Racing, Fun, Live
Sports, Politics, Economy, Entertainment
    A plethora of trading events, You can create your own event, They offer one click register (both instant and normal accounts), Active forum
    Uses Ethereum blockchain, Lots of trading events, Open source decentralized platform, Easy sign up process with Airbitz for encryption
    They are still in beta, Their website is basic, No legal papers are available on the site, UK residents cannot create an account
    Still in beta, No live chat, Unstable app
Users only trade in Bitcoin, Payments are safe and remain anonymous
Uses the Ethereum, No central servers, Funds are all in smart contracts, No third parties
Fairlay has been around since 2013 in beta form and it continues like that. Although this can be frustrating to some, it is not a ‘no-no’ and therefore a Fairlay review is necessary. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages in using Fairlay as your preferred Bitcoin prediction market. So what do you say? Shall we […] View Bitcoin Prediction Markets Details »
About is a US based company that is planning to take the world by storm, with the utilization of Ethereum. Being in the market since 2015 and using beta testing, the company has managed to remain in the spotlight. This is an open source decentralized prediction market, where you can benefit from forecasting and trading. […] View Bitcoin Prediction Markets Details »