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Sports, Politics, Live, Fun, Entertainment
Sports, Politics, Economy, Entertainment
    Open source 2.0 peer to peer oracle protocol, knowledgeable founder, Bitcoin payments are anonymous, No need for crowdfunding, Improved option when compared to Ethereum etc.
    Uses Ethereum blockchain, Lots of trading events, Open source decentralized platform, Easy sign up process with Airbitz for encryption
    It is still in pre-release test build, Website is not fancy or functional, No actual release date, Downloads only include Windows and Linux OS
    Still in beta, No live chat, Unstable app
Use of Bitcoin, No hidden agendas, No security leak
Uses the Ethereum, No central servers, Funds are all in smart contracts, No third parties
Hivemind is a peer to peer protocol in prediction markets, trying to use oracle process as a way for people to indulge in gambling with Bitcoin. Due to its decentralization, it offers the opportunity to guarantee security every step of the way. Its founder Paul Sztorc has been praising the fact that Hivemind is a […] View Bitcoin Prediction Markets Details »
About is a US based company that is planning to take the world by storm, with the utilization of Ethereum. Being in the market since 2015 and using beta testing, the company has managed to remain in the spotlight. This is an open source decentralized prediction market, where you can benefit from forecasting and trading. […] View Bitcoin Prediction Markets Details »