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Common Bets:
Politics, Entertainment, Bitcoin, Misc, Sports
Sports Betting, Entertainment, Art, Stocks
    Bitcoin betting since 2012, New management, Anonymous betting and trading, You can create your own events
    Ambitious project, Great management software, A team of tech connoisseurs behind it, Hunch Game for free prizes, Using Ethereum
    Too basic website, No legal papers on the site, No help and support, No plethora of trading options
    Still no way of knowing if it succeeds, No information on signup process, fees etc., Might take longer to launch
They use a cold wallet
Fast, simple and secure, Benefit from the anonymity of crowdfunding
After a lot of adventures, BitBet is live again! Ever since May 2016, new management decided to give BitBet a chance and refurbished it. It took hard work and persistence, but the site is back online and works well. Although there is nothing fancy about its site, this does not mean that the overall quality […] View Bitcoin Prediction Markets Details »
Gnosis is an innovation that allows you to perform complex prediction with the use of a simple and easy market. This is a project with its basis on crowdfunding, the power of Ethereum and a team of experts with a lot of experience. Does all that make a promising case? Of course! So it goes […] View Bitcoin Prediction Markets Details »